Hello – in the world of Diabetes Advocacy I’ve been around since 2007. I’m known as FatCatAnna named on behalf of my since deceased cat Beauduoin who became a very well controlled diabetic in his later life. I’ve been a human dart board since the 1960’s and basically don’t know any other life but as a gal with a high pain threshold and doing whatever I can that my salary can allow me to do.

I’d had problems learning Word Press back in 2014 – and it kept on forgetting me (or is it the other way around ??? … and no … I wasn’t having a low blood sugar).  So, I started up this blogging account way back in 2014, with the one and only post that you see on my page about Diabetes Mastopathy that was originally posted at Diabetes1.org (see link below).

In the meantime – if you want to take a zip line (hope you’re not afraid of heights) over to the following two links – you’ll find old post from as far back as 2008 at Diabetes1.org  (and as I edit this in August 2019 – it still exists – though some of my links may not ) and my Blogger account with the same title as here due to not being able to gain entry into Word Press until recently …  … The Rollercoaster Ride of Diabetes  🙂

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