I’m trying, yes I’m trying to get some of my blog posts from Diabetes1.org onto this page.  This is all new to me – posting outside of my comfort zone of Diabetes1.org that hired me to write about diabetes – and mentor folks that are like me – slightly deranged due to lack of insulin and high blood sugars (dammit – I do like to eat fruitcake from time to time – horrific on blood sugars – but ohhhhh sooo good with marzipan icing).

In the mean time – if you want to take a zip line over to the following two links – you’ll find old post from as far back as 2008 at Diabetes1.org  (they may or may not work – as the site is no longer maintained sad to say ) and because of problems getting into WordPress – I now post at Blogger with the same title as here … The Rollercoaster Ride of Diabetes   .


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